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About Us

Jolly Good Brownies has been baking since 2018, produced in the charming village of East Hendred on the Oxfordshire / Berkshire border. The secret recipe, developed by close friend Oli Barton (on the left), is now held by me, Angela Anstey. They have been so popular that people across the country have become regular customers!

Jolly Good Brownies make an ideal gift, whether it is for a sleep-deprived new parent, to say Happy Birthday, or perhaps just to cheer somebody up.

Our brownies are always made fresh to order, using free-range eggs and good quality chocolate and above all they are, well, Jolly Good! They have a shelf life of 2 weeks if kept wrapped and refrigerated or 10 days out of the fridge and can be frozen if you wanted to save them for a later date. To avoid unnecessary packaging, Jolly Good Brownies are posted in their presentation box which is 100% recyclable.

*Please note that Jolly Good Brownies contain the magic ingredient of melted marshmallows which is what helps them stay so soft and sticky in the middle. This does however, mean that they are not suitable for strict vegetarians as marshmallows contain gelatin. We now have a recipe without the marshmallows so if you would like this option, please add a note to your order to specify you'd like them to be vegetarian...

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I had to email to say thank you for the most delicious brownies I have ever tasted! How do you get them so perfect and soft in the middle?



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